Thinking back 14 years ago. With all the horrors of that day (and, sadly, so many since) I like to recall the days following 9/11/2001. After the intense numbness and shock subsided slightly, it was replaced by a sense of unity and oneness. Do you remember?

This happens often--think about the feeling of connection you have with your neighbors while clearing the snow from winter's first big storm. Recall how you felt when JFK was assassinated, Neil Armstrong took that giant leap for mankind, the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded after liftoff with the first teacher onboard, or Princess Diana's royal wedding and then her all-to-common way to die.

Experts from physicists to philosophers recognize that unusual sense of connection is due to people all around the world focusing their collective consciousness. That is, for a few days, a critical mass of people focus on the same thing. When people intentionally focus their energy, the results are remarkable. Research has repeatedly proven this phenomenon to be true; furthermore it is not impacted by distance.

Next weekend, I look forward to focusing on peace globally with others. We are fortunate that the United Nations International Day of Peace falls on a Monday this year.  That way, we get to celebrate all weekend long.  We are one world and we desperately need to recognize it.